Project Planning

Project Planning is part of the Well-
Being Course - 7 Levels.

This course is the open door to those who have a desire to live and work in a non-profit community designed and built by those who plan to live there.

2020 Vision:

Building Non-Profit Communities online first, then on land.

What is a Non-Profit Community?

"Non-Profit" Communities are planned, funded, designed and built as part of the Global Well-Being Workshops by those who intend to live in them, not by contractors who live somewhere else.

Each of the Seven Sectors of Well-Being are represented by a building that offers their services to members of the community free of charge. These seven industries are the few that we believe should never make a profit, but must always be non-profit operating for the sole purpose of the well-being of the people they serve.

-Gardens, farming, permaculture, wind and solar farms, well water tanks and other green infrastructure will be installed to provide the basic needs of each member of the community for FREE.
The Contribution Center
-Each member of the community will generously contribute their surplus to the storehouse where items can be used by others in the community. When everyone shares everything they have, everyone has everything they need and more.
-Each member of a Non-Profit Community has free space on "Main Street" to generate income for themselves and for the community.

The Self Care Center
-Each member of a Hub-Om Community has access to FREE preventative healing practitioners including MDs and NDs, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage, nutritionists, along with spiritual healers, intuitive healers, etc.

The Learning Center
-Each member of a Hub-Om Community has access to FREE education to fully develop their potential, their passion and their gifts from pre-school to adult.
-Artists, performers, producers and other entertainment professionals will be encouraged to live in the community to contribute their uplifting gifts to enrich the community lifestyle.


SOCIAL WELL-BEING: Family and Friends
Neighborhoods and Dwelling Places
-Each member of a Sharing Community has access to FREE housing in the lifestyle of their choice from farmhouses with land for animals and crops to high rise apartments with a view to retirement villas close to shopping and entertainment to family dwellings with playgrounds and parks.

COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: Sustainable Layout


Global Well-Being

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