familyWe have collected videos from youtube that demonstrate an emerging leadership of self-motivated, self-authorized people from all walks of life converging upon the same conclusions at the same time. They no longer want to be a "cog in the wheel" of a monstrous economic machine that flattens mankind like a steam roller. They instead want to rise up to become what they were put on this earth to be and help create an economic system that thrives on human greatness instead of human suffering. Not the “New World Order” but a Society of Well-Being that nurtures the highest human energy possible.


We challenge you to turn off the TV for 7 days and instead gather your family around the computer to watch this very inspired collection of videos. Each video brings a completely new perspective that we haven't thought of before. Each one demonstrates how one person can make life on earth improve.

We challenge you and your family to turn off the cable tv and the syndicated news programs for 7 days and watch these videos during your tv-watching time instead.

Get caught up on what is REALLY going on in the world that the syndicated media will never share with you.

What we watch as a global society shapes our values and beliefs, which in turn shapes our reality on earth.  We collected youtube videos that prove the existence of an emerging Society of Well-Being.  When you turn off one reality and tune into a better reality, you become part of the new and better reality and leave the old behind.

These youtube videos develop and shape the seven pillars of well-being. When these seven are supported properly in each individual a Utopian Society is born, a society that is characterized by world peace, a restored earth, and abundance for all.



Earthlings of every species on our planet are suffering at the hand of the present system.  The planet itself is also under attack from a silent yet deadly mastermind who seems to thrive on destruction.  In less than 50 years our planet has seen the fulfillment of every scary prophecy found in the book of Revelation.



America was built by leaders who were compelled to leave their homes in Europe to find a place where they could build "a new world."  They felt a strong pull from a spiritual source to make a place where everyone could find "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  Let's call this "well-being." The dream was to own a little piece of land where they could sustain themselves with all that Mother Earth provides.  Prosperity was available to anyone who "worked the land." The farmer was a strong, stubborn entrepreneur who was not easily controlled because he was master of his own destiny.  America grew to become a world power in such a short time.



If you wanted to control the world what would you have to do?  If you were playing a board game of "Control the World" how would you win the game?  First you must bring them under siege, STOP their ability to sustain themselves so that they have no power or control over their own destiny.  Second, you must CONTROL the land and thus control the flow of all products the earth provides. Third, you must bring every subject into slavery to do your bidding.

Farming families who lived off the land were all lured into "the city" where their basic needs were all supplied in ways that no one had dreamed of before.  Electricity made it possible for a new and easier lifestyle.  Food and water were no longer uncertainties that required hard labor.  Cows were milked by machine.  Stores had every product imaginable.  All you had to have now was "money."  Thus the word "job" was born.

We as a planet gained an easier lifestyle while losing our freedom to an economic system that demanded the best hours of our day.  We are slaves to a new thing called "debt" and the emergence of a master race called "the one percenters." We have been lied to and deceived in endless ways.  Our elders spoke out saying it wasn't right but as they died off no one remembered the freedom our planet once had.

We are the 99%.  We know who we are.  But who are the 1%?  Are they motivated by the same hopes and dreams that humans have?  Do they hope for world peace? Do they cry when they see children who are hungry?  Do they get excited when someone rises into their highest potential?  No.  Hell no.  Like playing a cheater's game of Monopoly, they made themselves a printing press to print money.  Then they made it illegal for anyone else to print money.  With their over-abundance of money they took over the world especially targeting the Seven Pillars of Well-Being:


They bought up the land so we would have to buy it from them or pay rent.  Thus the need for money became the most important thing in life and poverty and inequality was born in America.


They provided food in exchange for money.  They corrupted our food industry and polluted the ground. They corrupted our local doctor who once made house calls and forced him into "the health care system" where he has become a drug peddler.  Food production skills have been lost for the rising generation.


They bought the media and fed us divisive misinformation to keep every human on earth feeling fearful, angry and powerless as they watch the world on TV go in a direction they didn't want it to go.  They took over the schools and changed our focus from "Life Purpose" to "marketable skills."


They corrupted the world with enticements of lust, greed, pornography that clogged the connection with God, the only source of power that could possibly rescue them from this tightening grip.


They divided and conquered the family by sending each member of the family a different direction; work and school. It became the measure of an up-standing citizen to be fully engaged in their system. In their economic system there is no family business to apprentice and take over.  There is no family farm to inherit.  In their system each new young person has to go back to the beginning and start over, and the elderly die in poverty.


They took over every position of power.  Anything you hope to accomplish is regulated by their system.


They rose to world dominance and created great inequity between the rich and poor, educated and uneducated.


HUB-OM restores what was lost, broken or removed from our society.  We, the people, gather together in a "hub" of support for the Seven Levels of Well-Being, the foundation of a powerful society.  We, a powerful society, begin to create new supply chains and better community design with the seven levels of well-being as the bottom line, in contrast to the present system whose stated goal is making money.